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Welcome to NGXPtech blogging site. NGXPtech constitutes a team of professionals with over 20 years of experience and supremacy in Consumer Electronics, Computing and Information Technology devices and systems, such as Desktop Computers, Servers, Data storage devices, Computer peripherals (such as keyboards, mice, printers), networking equipment (routers, switches), and related software and operating systems, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, Gaming consoles, Televisions, Digital cameras, audio systems, smartwatches.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to suggest you the best product by unleashing our Technial experience and expertise. We do thorough research and analyze each and every components that are used in all electronic devices, including microprocessors, memory chips, and various types of sensors, to understand, compare, and review the following factors to chose the best product in its segment:

Latest Technology

Evaluate the product’s technological features and innovations. Highlight any advancements or unique capabilities that set it apart from competitors. Discuss how these features enhance user experience, convenience, or performance.

Build Quality & Design

Assess the overall build quality of the product, including the choice of materials, construction, and attention to detail. Consider factors like sturdiness, ergonomics, and aesthetics. Comment on the device’s durability and whether it feels premium or well-made.

Performance & Functionality

Test the product’s performance and assess its functionality. Evaluate aspects such as speed, responsiveness, accuracy, and ease of use. Determine if the product delivers on its intended purpose and if it performs well under various conditions.

User Interface & User Experience

Analyze the user interface and user experience of the product. Evaluate the intuitiveness of controls, menus, and navigation. Assess how well the product accommodates different user preferences and provides a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Connectivity & Compatibility

Examine the product’s

connectivity options and

compatibility with other

devices or platforms.

Assess the availability and

reliability of wireless

connectivity (such as Wi-

Fi,  Bluetooth, NFC) and

compatibility with popular

operating systems or


Battery Life & Power Management

Evaluate the product’s battery life and power management capabilities. Consider how long the device can operate on a single charge and how efficiently it utilizes power. Discuss any power-saving features or modes.

Audio & Visual Quality

Assess the audio and visual performance of the product. Evaluate factors such as display quality, color accuracy, brightness, contrast, viewing angles, sound clarity, and immersive experience. Consider the product’s suitability for multimedia consumption.

Software & Firmware

Review the software or firmware that powers the device. Discuss the user interface, available features, customization options, stability, and any additional software or app ecosystem associated with the product.

Customer Support & Warranty

Assess the manufacturer’s customer support services, including warranty coverage and ease of contacting support channels. Consider the reputation of the brand in terms of reliability, customer satisfaction, and after-sales support.

Pricing & Value for Money

Consider the product’s price in relation to its features, performance, and competing alternatives. Evaluate whether the product offers good value for money, taking into account its quality, durability, and overall user experience.


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